Rules & Regulations

(a) concessionaire may sublease any space.

(b) ALL concessions must be opened and manned from 11:00 AM until Fair Closing.

(c) signs, posters, etc., are to be stapled to any building, tree or pole.

(d) or solicitation must be confined to the concessionaire’s space and in NO case may they be extended into any other part of the Fairgrounds.

(e) ALL concessionaires must check in with the Fair Office before setting up.

(f) may be relocated or removed from the Fairgrounds if Fair Officials determine it to be advisable, removal from the Fairgrounds will occur if concessionaire fails to comply with Fair rules and regulations.

(g) are NOT welcome that have makeshift or slovenly appearance or which provide poor quality products or services; or where the concessionaire or employees fail to cooperate with Fair Officials. All wood structures must be painted or stained.

(h) Concessionaire must register each and every automobile, van and/or supply truck and obtain approval as to where the same may be parked. There will be NO vehicles allowed in the Midway area from 9 AM to 9 PM.

(i) Concessionaire shall be set up earlier than three (3) days before the Fair opens, nor later than 2 days after it closes. Individual arrangements must be made with the Fair Officials as to camping space. As noted on the contract, a fee of $50.00 is required for this space.

(j) of gambling concessions should be aware that the Fair Association, as the Licensee, will impose its own standards, which may on occasion be stricter than the State Law.


(l) Concessionaire shall be a nuisance to its neighbors by reason or unreasonable noise, odor, refuse or other causes.

(m) concessionaires must comply with the FAIR LIABILITY INSURANCE requirements.

(n) to sell or exhibit what the contract states will be just reason for removal of product and/or concessionaire.

(o) obscene posters, hats, t-shirts, drug paraphernalia or other items may be displayed or given away as prizes nor may any item deemed nuisances (i.e.: canned string, stink bombs, noise makers, knives, numb chucks, throwing discs or ANY item that either Fair Officials or Local Law Enforcement Officials deem as dangerous) be sold or given away. Failure to comply will be just cause for immediate removal of product and/or concessionaire.

(p)concessionaire may be required to leave the Fair for noncompliance

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Rules & Regulations